How to do Halloween the Sustainable Way

How to do Halloween the Sustainable Way

Here’s how to have a fun  Halloween celebration without spooking the environment!

Halloween is soon coming up, and while Halloween is an amazing, fun time that brings families together and a lot of joy in the community – it is also a very wasteful period. In the UK alone more than 13 million pumpkins are wasted during Halloween, which if not wasted, in fact could feed the entire country!

 It is getting more and more important that we think about the environment, and make sure to live as sustainable lives as possible to keep the earth safe and healthy. For this reason, we have created this article with tips on how you can make your Halloween greener and better for the planet.


 Tip 1: Reuse all of the pumpkin

Because of the massive amounts of pumpkins that are being produced and used during Halloween, pumpkins are one of the biggest sources of waste during these days. Luckily, there are many things you can do to minimize the pumpkin waste. First of all, you can save the seeds and roast them with a bit of oil and salt for a delicious snack. Furthermore, you can use the inside fruit for pumpkin breads, muffins, pies, and soups. Last but not least, make sure to compost the actual pumpkin instead of just throwing it out.

 Pumpkin Soup: grab the recipe at @ecokindly

Tip 2: Use pumpkins from a local farm or your garden!


Instead of buying these mass-produced pumpkins that have travelled across the world from where they were produced you should buy pumpkins that have been produced at a local farm. This will reduce your carbon emission footprint significantly. Even better you could grow the pumpkins in your garden – they look beautiful while growing in the garden and you will have no carbon emissions at all!


Tip 3: Avoid non-recyclable plastics

 When decorating for Halloween we use a lot of non-recyclable plastics that once the days is over simply is thrown out. First of all, you should use utensils and glassware or stainless steel that is washable so that you don’t have to buy new plates and utensils every single Halloween and then just throw it out afterwards. Alternatively, you could look for plates, cups, and utensils that are compostable. This was they aren’t mass-produced every Halloween and then simply thrown out.


Tip 4: Make your own costumes and decorations

 Costumes and decorations are a big part of Halloween, and something we spend a lot of energy on. Sadly, almost all of the costumes and decorations are bought from cheap websites and then thrown out immediately after Halloween. Instead of buying these plastic decorations and costumes you could make your own costumes and decorations from clothing and things you already own. Alternatively, you could focus on buying decorations and costumes that you can use for many years to avoid buying new every single year.

Get crafty: make your own decorations out of recyclable materials CREDIT: GETTY


Tip 5: Compost, recycle, and reuse as much as possible

 Last but not least, it is always a great idea to reuse, recycle, and compost as much as possible after a party, and especially after Halloween. Focus on composting everything from party food to the pumpkins, and reuse everything that you can each year.

 So, there you have it. 5 great tips on how you can have a great Halloween, while also focusing on the environment and keeping everything sustainable.

What other eco-friendly ways to celebrate Halloween would you recommend ?

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