How to know if you are using REAL ECO FRIENDLY Make up?


In the current climate, it appears that everyone is trying to “Go Green''. We’re hearing more and more about makeup and beauty products that are eco-friendly. Terms like organic makeup, plastic-free make up or zero-waste makeup are now commonly being used as the world evolves to make healthier products for our environment.

Changing our daily products to organic and using products like the Refillable Aloe Vera Mascara can be an amazing first step to creating a more sustainable makeup bag.

However, a lot of us still don’t understand what this terminology means, or why we should be changing the products we’ve become so fond of.  The first place to start is knowing what eco-friendly makeup or organic makeup actually is and what difference it makes.

What are Eco-Friendly Makeup products?

Eco-friendly means many things. An eco-friendly makeup product refers to makeup that comes with packaging that is made of recycled materials. This in turn means Eco-Friendly Makeup brands are making a concerted effort to reduce pollution and waste during their manufacturing processes and considering the lifetime of their products.

Essentially, an eco-friendly makeup product or even the best sustainable beauty products  on the market are under a blanket category. Any company offering an eco-friendly makeup product is making the effort to produce their products in a way that doesn’t hurt the planet.

Some of the best sustainable beauty products include the Shine Up Highlighter and the Natural Compact Blush, which are two of the favourite eco-friendly makeup products on the market.

4 Reasons to choose Eco-Friendly Makeup:

  • Eco-friendly make-up is usually organic That means chemical-free and based on natural formulas. Therefore, these are safe for the most sensitive skins and you’re less likely to experience allergic reactions.


  • Most eco-friendly products are much more cost-effective. Often being refillable, like the Refillable Felt Tip Eyeliner, means that after the initial purchase the refills are less expensive. Ultimately, these refillable schemes will not only help keep the planet healthy, but will also be kinder on our pockets too.


  • Eco-friendly products can also mean plastic-free make up! This doesn’t just mean plastic free packaging, which helps reduce pollution, but also no plastic in the actual product. Microbeads are causing issues for our seas and wildlife, with no plastic we’re eliminating this problem.


  • As eco-friendly makeup packaging becomes more inventive, biodegradable options are becoming more popular. As we search for the best sustainable beauty products, packaging should be as important as the product itself!

    Eco Kindly
    Eco kindly - Zao makeup 


    Are you using REAL ECO Friendly makeup?

    Unfortunately, the makeup industry isn’t as pretty when it comes to the impact of it on the environment.

    As Zero Waste Week showed, more than 120 billion packaging units are being produced annually in the cosmetics industry. This is  contributing to 18 million acres of forest loss every year.

    Whether you are using eco-friendly makeup in the real spirit of making a difference or you’re just following the trend, it’s crucial to know that you are using REAL Eco-Friendly Makeup products. Even if a brand is highlighting or marketing their make-up products as eco-friendly, or plastic-free makeup they might not actually be as transparent as we would hope.

    But why would this be the case?

    The catch is that these eco products end up being sent in plastic packaging! Sometimes the supplier of these products doesn’t hold the same ethical credentials as the producer. Rather than helping our planet we’re still causing the same amount of damage.

    Due to plastic packaging, the beauty industry is one of the furthest away from plastic-free. Globally, this industry is boasting £532 billion and creating billions of tons of plastic and non-recyclable waste. It is harmful for the environment, including our seas and wildlife by emitting a starterling rate of carbon into the atmosphere from manufacturing and disposal.

    Not only this, but the brands that are offering plastic-free packaging aren’t offering organic makeup. They are using non-natural substances that will enter our water systems, harming the environment and our health as well.

    However, positively ZAO Makeup is making a stand and is one of the best eco-friendly makeup brands on the market. They offer a  huge range of eco-friendly products including:

    In conclusion, it is possible to buy organic, eco-friendly and zero-waste makeup if you’re selective and know what you’re looking for.  All of the products here have been developed under the highest sustainable standards for the environment.  As zero-waste, plastic-free, cruelty-free, toxic-free, vegan, 100% natural, internationally certified and organic, ZAO Makeup has many advantages over other brands. Refillable too makes them one of the most conscious brands on the market.

    So, you can easily trust this brand and enjoy the highest standards in eco-friendly makeup products.


    To find out more how you can have a sustainable beauty, visit Eco Kindly