Transitioning to Natural Deodorant? – Here is what you need to know

Natural Deodorant

Transitioning to Natural Deodorant? Here is what you need to know

Making the transition is never easy. Whether losing weight, quitting smoking or simply switching between two types of same product, transition, is not an easy game to play. Switching from aromatic and fresh antiperspirants to natural deodorant requires sheer persuasion from within, and it can only happen when knowing the apparent reasons. So let us look at groundbreaking facts that you must remember to transition to natural deodorant.

Sweating is Healthy

Let me first break one big myth. “Sweating is good!” The skin has the largest share in the human body. It sweats because it releases toxins from your body. It also helps in killing any bacteria off your skin. So what should we do about the body odour? Body odour generates when toxin carrying sweat mixes up with bacteria. So first, let the sweating do the job of killing the bacteria and release the toxins. After sweating stops, use natural deodorant.

Why this Transition is Essential

Unlike natural deodorants, antiperspirants contain a harmful element like aluminium, which is one of the causes of breast cancer and Alzheimer. Other damaging ingredients like triclosan and phthalates, affecting hormones. It also contains fragrance, baking soda alcohol, baking soda, common sources of allergens. Plastic is also used, which is associated with endangering sea life.

The Miracle Ingredient

Natural deodorants are organic and are free from any harmful chemicals and elements. The foremost reason is its organic ingredients. Do you know coconut milk is known as ‘miracle milk’? As the name suggests, it can do wonders to your skin. As the main ingredient of natural deodorant, let us quickly go over its main benefits related to skincare.

  • It helps your skin to remove toxins. It also helps in the process of exfoliating.
  • Its oil moisturizes your skin and gives a soothing effect.
  • It hydrates your skin, and it is also inflammatory.

You may find a lot of natural deodorants in the marketplace. It was difficult for me to choose at the first place, but one product line caught my attention, ‘coconut matter’. Y? Let us look at some of its eco-friendly features

  • Coconut oil is the queen ingredient.
  • All products are baking soda free, which can be a common cause of allergens.
  • All products are vegan, and each ingredient belongs to the family of flowers and shrubs, plants, fruits and trees and minerals.
  • All ingredients are biodegradable and sustainable.
  • Comes in zero-waste, biodegradable and plastic-free packaging.
  • Having zero residues, zero stickiness and zero stains, it is completely safe for pregnant women and children.
  • It is COSMOS certified. COSMOS is a non-profit international association in Europe, which has developed an international standard for organic and natural cosmetics.
  • Handmade processed products.

Switching to natural deodorant is not tricky, but also not an easy job. People opting for natural deodorants sweat more, and it takes some days to adjust to this change. Some suggested that by the use of natural deodorants, skin irritation decreased, redness and bumps, under the skin, also vanished.

Natural deodorants are doing just fine as more and more people realize the harmful effects of antiperspirants and how natural deodorants are nature friendly, eco-friendly and skin-friendly. So now you have enough information you need, to take a healthy step towards natural lifestyle. So what you are waiting for? Make the transition!