Why a Stainless Steel Bottle will be a no.1 accessory after lockdown

Stainless Steel Bottle

The rise in popularity of stainless steel items began in the 1930s when it was imported to the United States. By the 50’s the stainless steel water bottle was being mass produced as a more durable and healthier vesicle to use.

So why did the popularity decline and why is it rising now?

In the 60’s Polyethylene started being used in the production of water bottles. A cheap resource that was lightweight and could be moulded into shapes easily. Over taking the labour costs needed as well to produce stainless steel, the ease of Polyethylene out weighed any benefits of stainless steel or aluminium.

This is where our throw away culture began. It became convenient to have these items immediately on hand at not a great deal of expense. By the time we’d finished the beverage it was opportune to be able to throw it away. Over Consumption and consumerism caused a massive influx of carbon emissions, damaging the environment. From the production of this plastic to the misuse of it not being recycled properly.

BPA has been a large topic of conversation for many years. It’s found in many products, including plastic containers, canned food and dental sealants.

Through the 70’s and 80’s the government were trying to determine the levels of toxicity and dangers, but were unable to establish safety measures to be put in place. Only by 1996 was the first exposure assessment completed and in1997 a study confirmed that low level exposure was harmful. From here, throughout the beginning of the 20th century, more and more studies were showing the extent of harmful consequences BPA exposure was having.

BPA is a hormone disruptor affecting the endocrine system. It affects us when plastic is heated and the chemical is leached into the products that we consume.

However, right now BPA isn’t our biggest concern. Cross-contamination of items is.

Durability and longevity are the best attributes of having a stainless steel bottle. But now it comes at a greater level of significance. These bottles are easy to keep sterile and sanitized.

As the lockdown begins to lift and we leave our homes more, it’s incredibly important that we keep our items separate from others and are able to properly clean them.

With better insulating properties, the contents of your bottle will stay cooler for longer periods. So no need to refill at unknown sinks or water coolers. This also applies to hot drinks, staying warm for up to 12 hours.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle 304 Grade from Eco Kindly

Stainless steel bottles are incredibly easy to clean. With soap and hot water, it’s easy to keep it free of all of the things that are not so nice in the current world.

Following this, the last bonus of using a stainless steel bottle is they’re completely reusable and will last a lifetime.

You and your families safety comes first, and this is an easy way to take away one less worry of coming out of lockdown. A great way to continue on an environmentally friendly lifestyle whilst continuing to put your family first in the pandemic.