our vision

We believe that everything you buy should support people and the planet. The products that clean our countertops, clothes and ourselves shouldn't damage the earth or our health. At Eco Kindly we are creating a reality where household essentials, of every kind, are actually good for you and the environment, and we always endeavour to make plastic-free choices.


our standards

A non-toxic policy is at the top of our list when it comes to the planet and our bodies. We value safety, transparency, sustainability and social welfare. And our partners do too (we wouldn't work with anyone who didn't). We'll never sell products that harm the environment or the people within our supply chain. In every decision we make, however big or small, we live true to these principles. All eco kindly products are 100% free from animal testing. And we always consider how a brand treats their employees, their community and our planet.


our partners

We expect transparency from our partners when it comes to the sustainability of their supply chain. It's simply critical for us all to strive towards achieving our vision.


our mission

Knowledge and information are key to making environmentally friendly and sustainable choices for a cleaner, safer world and a holistically healthy lifestyle. We want to ensure that your lifestyle is more sustainable, painlessly, without compromising on product quality. For this reason, we make sure all eco kindly products hold the highest possible sustainable standards for the environment, economy, and social ethics.

" Make the world a better place. It starts with you"