Eco Conscious Mother's day gift ideas - For all types of Mum

Mother's day gift

With Mother’s Day soon coming up it is time to find a great sustainable gift to give your mom. While this is an amazing day to show some love to one of the most important persons of our life, it is also a very wasteful day. Did you know 90% of the flowers that are available for sale in the UK around this time have all been imported from other countries, usually quite far away and it can have a very real impact on the environment, as these long journeys produce a lot of carbon.

Big brands that make chocolate are also guilty of unethical practices of deforestation, consequently wiping out the normal habitat where chimps and other wildlife would normally thrive.

 To help with some better eco-friendly gift ideas, we have created our ultimate Mother’s Day gift for a greener love. There will definitely be something for every type of mum. You can find many amazing eco-friendly mother’s days gifts that you mother will love, while you also are taking care of the environment.

Just make sure the best person in your life gets a lovely sustainable gift and show the planet you love it too!

Here’s some eco conscious mother’s days gift ideas your mom will love.


The Organiser Mum

silicone lids-alternative to-platic-cling-film-by-ecokindly

One perfect gift for the organiser mum is buying her some nice re-useable silicone lids. What makes these lids a good choice is, they are completely re-useable, making them a very eco-friendly choice.

Why your Mum will love this gift?

With these food grade silicone lids you can keep food and snacks fresh, its leakproof and you can easily use the lids again and again for many years. Your mum can say bye-bye to clingfilm forever and save the environment from endless plastic.


 For the on-the-go Mum 

eco gifts ideas for mothers day

Another great choice is to ge her some stainless steel lunchboxes . We often use plastic lunchboxes, which are very bad for the environment and for your healthy too, plastic boxes may contain BPA and last forever in the landfill.

If you just want to find an easy and convenient box for your on-the-go mom, you can buy our eco-friendly gift box that has been put together for the on-the-go mum. You can check out our eco-friendly gift box for on-the-go moms right here.

Why your Mum will love this gift?

Lunchboxes and  water bottles  are made from food grade 304 stainless steel are great because you can use them for a very long time without compromising your mum’s health. As well as using it to take food with her, it’s perfect for food storage in the fridge & freezer, when it comes to heating your food it's oven safe to 240 degrees celsius.


 For the healthy Mum

The organic essentials oil is known for boosting mood, relaxing the mind and body, leaving a peaceful effect. You can use it for DIY cleaning too.

Why your Mum will love this gift?

The purest essential oils bi Bio Scents are both organic, homemade, the wonderful scent of these essential oils products will be the perfect gift to tell mum how much you care about her. It comes with recycled glass bottles with a stylish bamboo lid.


 For the perfect hair Mum

The solid shampoo’s leave a significantly lower impact on the environment and is the perfect zero-waste alternative to the typical mother’s days gifts. In addition to the solid shampoo’s, you could also give her some zero waste and natural hair conditioner, and she will have the perfect set.

Why your mum will love this gift?

These lovely solid shampoo bars provide a long-term solution to disposable plastic bottles while is 100% natural and palm oil free. They are also perfect for travelling as they come in an aluminium thin that can be used at the airport with non stop by the security.


 For the self-caring Mum


Treating your mum doesn’t have to cost the planet and can actually avoid any plastic or toxins too, which is better for the planet and body. A wide range of handmade, vegan and plastic free soaps is available at Eco Kindly. Cut down on plastic while saying I love you this year with a wonderful aromatic artisanal soap bars. Because classic presents always work, add the exfoliating soap pouch, a natural loofah sponge and a scrubbing you can add a soap bar. For the self-caring mum products like, makeup, nail polishes, hairbrushes and soap bars are a nice example of amazing gift ideas.

We have also created a good eco-friendly gift box for personal care that is a lovely choice, if you can’t decide what specifically to get your mother on Mother’s Day. You can check out our eco-friendly gift box for personal care right here.


 For the indecisive Mum – Let her choose

If you cannot decide what exactly to get your mum, you could choose to buy her a gift card. A gift card for our shop is a great way to give your mom the perfect gift combined with the fact that she will be able to choose for herself what exactly the gift should be. Eco Kindly Gift’s cards are the zero-waste choice as it is fully electronical. You can buy a gift card from our online store right here.

So, whether you are at home with your mom by your side, or missing her, these sustainable gifts are sure to show her just how much you appreciate everything she does. No matter what you get your mom, she’s going to love it. That’s just how moms are.

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