Our story

I’m Eliana

You may expect this page to be all about me – about my story and how I’ve arrived here, writing this for you to read. Only this isn’t just about me. It’s also about you, your health and this planet of ours. Allow me to explain…

Rewind time to 2013.

This was the year when everything changed. I was gravely ill, in hospital – hormonal imbalances were playing havoc with my health. My immune system was shot, I was confused and surrounded by a constant mental fog. I set about researching what I was facing. I found an article after enlightening article about the impact of everyday chemicals on our bodies and our world. Story after story emerged of sickness and even infertility. The more I read the more I learned – like our planet being poisoned by the chemicals we use – unable to eradicate the toxic waste that is created by the creams and beauty products we discard.

Then, I went deeper.

I undertook training to learn about sustainability and toxicity. It became clear that this world was a chaotic, selfish world. I was astounded, to say the least – and I think you would have been, too. You see, the products YOU choose – the ones sat on your bathroom shelf RIGHT NOW could have enormous ethical issues - to the planet, on your personal health, for everybody’s health. I realised that I was doing nothing to help the planet or myself.

It was time for a change.

I set out on a journey. I studied and inspected all the products around my home – my toothpaste, makeup, personal care. I replaced each – one at a time. I then shifted onto cleaning products. Throughout this journey, I trialled lots of products – remaining doggedly determined to discover replacements that were more than worthy than their originals.

Just four months on, something incredible happened.

I returned to my doctors and my hormonal issues were gone – absolutely gone, just, like, that. After five years of taking medicine, I no longer needed treatment. This extraordinary experience has led me to the belief that we have two homes to care for – our body and our planet. If we look after neither and subject either or both to chemicals, toxification is a sure-fire outcome. And then comes the body sickness. By eradicating toxins from my life my health has been transformed. It’s ignited a fire in my belly and a focus in my mind. Through eco-kindly products and knowledge, I want to change the world – one bathroom shelf at a time. I want to share my knowledge and bring awareness – to educate and inspire others to choose wisely when scouring the online shop shelves.

Ultimately my goal is to make the biggest positive change.

Being sustainable and choosing wisely is being kind to you & kind to the planet. When you shop eco kindly, you’re choosing fantastic products made with passion and sourced with care. And that is why this story is just as much yours as it is mine.

Sustainably yours,
	             Eliana X